Temple Puja Services

*To schedule a puja please call Padma Chandrashekar at 618-549-1044 or email: drcpadma@yahoo.com

(At Temple)

Any Archana Reciting 108 names $11

(Any deity)

Amidst chanting mantras priest pours libations on the deity. $51
Navagraha Abhishekam $101
Vrathas Satyanarayana vratha, Sai vratha, Varalakshmi vratha, Mangala Gauri vratha $116


For individual families (private)

Satyanarayana puja (Saamuhikha/group)

On every poornima day at the temple $51
Homa Ganapathi homa, Lakshmi homa, Aayush homa, Rudra homa, Vaasthu homa, Navagraha homa $101


Namakaranam Naming ceremony for a child $51
Annaprasanam Feeding First solid food to a child $51
Aksharaabhyasam Making the child write for the first time $51
Nischithaartham Engagement Ceremony $116
Wedding $301
Srimantham Baby shower (includes Ganapathi puja, bangles ceremony) $101
Upanayanam Sacred thread ceremony $301
Kalyanothsavam Shiva kalyanam, Venkateshwara kalyanam, Ganapathi kalyanam, Subrahmanya kalyanam, Sita Rama kalyanam $201
New vehicle puja $35
Bhoomi puja Ground breaking ceremony $116
Gruhapravesham $151
Birthday Celebration 60th, 70th, 80th Birthday celebrations $116
Sharardham Death anniversary (AT INDIVIDUAL HOME) $131 (No added fee)
Hair Offering $51
Punya Havachonam $51
Swaypakam $16
Udaga Shanth $101
Reading of Horoscope $51

** Please add $75 extra for all puja services offered outside the temple and it’s devotee’s responsibility to provide transportation and puja material to the priest.